Most internal auditors will recognize the importance of reviewing the IT Governance of an organization as they are the basis for aligning IT and business objectives, compliance with increasing regulatory demands and effective management of risks related to IT.

This course will help you to develop IT Governance initiatives by providing guidelines and practical tips on planning, scoping and executing IT assurance /Audit reviews.

Course Objectives

At the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Understand how IT management issues affect organizations.
  • Appreciate the Alignment of Corporate Goals to IT Goals
  • Understand the principles of  IT governance, How IT governance helps address IT Management issues
  • Understand the different components of CobIT
  • Understand how Internal Audit can help the organization to achieve its enterprise goals by bringing effective IT governance
  • To Plan Assurance initiative  and to effectively scope the assurance of the IT processes/controls
  • To see some examples of how CAAT can be used in CobIT assurance activities to prepare the report on conclusions and recommendations.

Duration & Learning Level

Learning Level: Intermediate

Duration: 3 day(s)-

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  • IT Management Challenges
  • Scope and principles of IT governance
  • Stakeholders and benefits of IT governance
  • Characteristics of a control framework
  • COBIT : A control framework
  • Premise, components, and functions of the COBIT framework
  • Role of COBIT IT processes, IT resources, and information criteria
  • Linking business goals, IT goals, and IT processes
  • Framework, control objectives, and control practices
  • IT Governance Domains - A Review
  • Management guidelines - Practical Exercises
  • Assurance guide

  • Overview of Internal Auditing
  • How COBIT can be used by Internal Audit
  • IT Assurance Principles and Context

  • IT Assurance Activities - Some examples and case studies
  • Risk based Assurance
  • Scoping the Assurance - High Level
  • IT Resources and Control Scoping - Detailed Level

  • Testing the Control Design
  • Testing the Outcome of the Control Objectives
  • Using CAAT for COBIT assurance Activities (Practical Demo)
  • Preparing the reports on conclusions and recommendations
  • Audit Checklists and templates will be provided for testing the controls
  • Top Ten Strengths of COBIT in Internal Audit
  • Issues in implementing COBIT
  • What COBIT does not offer to Internal Audit?
  • Aligning COBIT and Other /Frameworks
  • COBIT : Alignment with Other Standards and Frameworks such as ISO 20000,ISO 27001,BS25999 ,SOX

Upon completion of the training, participants will be provided a Certificate of Completion / Attendance.

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