BAS - Brixton Assessment Services is a versatile ISO certification body with NAAB accreditation and internationally recognised body. BAS has been established to provide value added certification services wherein the clients can really feel the hard work they have done and get the credits for their work done and at the same time complying to the standard requirements. At BAS we are not just a "Checklist" based auditing body but we also check the effectiveness of the systems while the compliance requirements are also being cross checked. In this way it gives more assurance to the clients that its not merely a checklist audit but also the system is effective for the said standard.


Why BAS?


BAS auditors possess many years of experience and expertise in the relevant field and bring the practical knowledge and application of the relevant standard and not just the theoretical knowledge.

BAS allocate auditors wherever possible with the relevant language skills. BAS auditors also possess leading organisational assessments framework such as EFQM, TQM which befits the client auditing requirements and it can be a very valuable contribution to the clients. This would bring the client additional view or dimension which would correlate to the said standard. We enable good governance and assists organizations in reviewing their framework, while continously assessing and managing their security levels.




To provide certification services with value addition by encompassing cross skills from different industries and practical application knowledge of the standards.




To be the One Stop Certification services provider for the clients in Middle East.


Our Strengths


Strong Auditing skills with relevant industry and standard expertise.Practical application of the knowledge. Multilinguistic capabilities mixed with the cultural background of the appropriate country where the audit can be carried out (to the maximum extent possible). Auditors possessing organisational assessment frameworks experience which could be real value add to the clients.

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