Use of Certificate & logo Process


Use of BAS Logo and Certificate
A)    The Activity:
The rules and regulations for correct use of Certificate and Logo is submitted to the Client along with the offer, the Client sends the acceptance to this as a part of the Certification Data sheet.
After successful completion of the audit the certificate is handed over and the details about the obtaining logo are communicated to the client.
The logo may be downloaded from the site.

This procedure also addresses the actions by the Central certification Unit in cases of
Suspension / Reduction in the Scope, Termination.

2 A)    1) Acceptable use of Logo:
The logo may appear on printed material such as brochures, pamphlets, letterhead and business cards. The certificate holder may use the BAS logo and their company identifier in conjunction with one another in as long as they are clearly distinct. The certificates and the Mark are effective from the day it is issued following the completion of the audit process and Remains valid until the specified date of expiry.
2) Acceptable use of Certificate:
The clients shall display the certificate only in the certified locations the copy of the certificate may be printed on marketing materials. The certificate shall be used in its complete form
B)    1) Un Acceptable use of Logo:
The certificate holder must not use the logo on products, product packaging, or product labeling. It also cannot be used in any way that could be misinterpreted as a BAS product certification. The certificate holder may not use the logo on Certificates of Compliance or Calibration Reports, Inspection Certificates.
        2) Un Acceptable use of Certificate:
The below mentioned points are unacceptable if,
1)    The certificate is put as a part of the brochure or pamphlet or any marketing literature with misleading statement regarding certification.
2)    The certificate is used in the manner which will imply that BAS certifies a product (Including service) or process,
3)    The Marketing documents or literature is used which implies that the activities which are not a part of the scope are also certified. (All relevant advertising material shall be amended if the scope of certification is reduced).
4)    Certificate in such a manner that would bring the certification body and/or certification system into disrepute and lose public trust.
5)    This does not conform to the requirements of the certification body when making reference to the certification status in communication media.
The clients under suspension or withdrawal shall discontinue the use of advertising matter that contains a reference to certification. This includes Use of Certificate and Logo.
C)    Users
The only authorized users of the logo & Certificate are organizations that have a valid BAS 
Certificate. Other organizations cannot use the logo; including affiliates, parent companies, subsidiaries, third party organizations, etc.
D)    Form
The certificate holder can only use the logo in the form indicated unless otherwise authorized in writing. The logo must be used in the specified colors. The logo must be printed on a clear contrasting background. The logo must be printed in such size that all the features of the mark is clearly distinguishable.
E)    Loss of Validity & Interruption of the certificate
BAS will convey the clients to stop the usage of logo after the expiry of certificate. If appropriate corrective actions are not taken BAS may consider the option of legal action.
The certificate holder must return all original copies of the certificate to BAS, if the certificate is withdrawn or revoked. In this case, the logo can no longer be used.
F)    Misuse of the Logo and Certificate:
On receipt of intimation from any interested party following actions shall be undertaken:
The head of certification shall direct respective manager to issue an intimation letter to the client asking him to correct the mistake.
In case, no action has been taken by the respective client the reminder thereafter shall be sent within 3 weeks.
The certificate shall be suspended in case of no action after 1 week of the reminder.
The process of suspension and withdrawal shall then be followed in case of non- compliance. The compliance received in time shall be verified by the manager and shall be sent for approval to the head of certification to revoke suspension.


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